When it comes to purchasing products, we almost always look at the price tag. Yet with all the money we spend on health care — from premiums to prescriptions to doctor’s office visits — we rarely think about the price of these services. And as health care prices continue to rise, that ends up costing more for you and Masonite. Here are ways you can help control your health spending.

icon Use in-network providers.

They’ve agreed to charge only up to negotiated rates and bill your insurance company directly, which saves you money and time.

iconReceive free preventive care.

It can help detect and prevent potentially costly health issues early. With all our medical plans, you pay nothing for annual physicals, recommended immunizations, routine cancer screenings, and more when you see in-network providers. Tip: Make sure your doctor codes check-ups and screenings as preventive care when billing your insurance.

iconUse Live Health Online telemedicine.

Use Live Health Online telemedicine — it’s quick, convenient, and costs less than an office visit.

iconUse tax-free money to pay for eligible health expenses.

Contributing to a Health Savings Account (HSA) if you enroll in the Basic HSA Plan or the HSA Plus Plan, or a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if you enroll in the PPO Plan, saves you money on expenses you’d have to pay anyway.

iconShop smart for prescriptions.

Using generic alternatives will almost always save you money — and they’re just as effective as brand name prescriptions. It’s also a good idea to call a few local pharmacies to compare prices before deciding where to fill a prescription.

iconUse mail order or a CVS pharmacy for long-term prescriptions.

Use mail order or a CVS pharmacy for long-term prescriptions. You’ll save time and money on 90-day supplies of your maintenance medication.

iconChoose wellness!

Get your free annual physical to earn your Wellness Incentive and focus on making healthy decisions every day, like eating a balanced diet, staying active, and avoiding tobacco. If you and your dependent have been tobacco free for the past six months, you will be able to participate in the medical plan at the lower non-tobacco rate.

iconCompare costs.

It pays to compare costs before getting health care services. Ask Health Advocate for help or do your own research.

iconChoose the right place to get care.

For minor injuries, use an urgent care center or walk-in clinic instead of the emergency room. Going to the most appropriate place for your needs will save you time and money.